Friday 8/3/18

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle 2 – Week 8
Last week before Retest Week!

L: 2; S: 1 Power Snatch @ 90+%
10 1-Arm Hollow Hold DB Floor Press
*These are more complex as a Hollow Hold, as opposed to a Glute Bridge. Try to use a heavier weight than last week! This is the last time you’ll see these for awhile.

100 Air Squats
L: 20; S: 30 C2B; SS: 10 RMU/BMU
75 Air Squats
L: 16; S: 25 C2B; SS: 8 RMU/BMU
50 Air Squats
L: 12; S: 20 C2B; SS: 6 RMU/BMU
*Cap = 16min. Low skill followed by high skill. Does heavy breathing ruin your form in upper body gymnastics? Today is a good opportunity to continue to improve that skill.

Lat & Bicep Stretch on Rig

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