The Weekend WODs

Teams of 2
50 Squat Clean Thrusters – L: 75/55; S: 105/70
50 T2B
50/35 Cal Bike or 60/40 Cal Row

-rest 4min, then:

24 Wallballs
24 Plate-Deficit Pushups (S: HSPU)
24 AKBS – L: 53/35; S: 70/53
*Feel free to count these AKBS toward your RKBS goal for the day. That’s a consolation prize, kinda?

In 10min, complete:
50, 40, 30, 20, 10
Double Unders
-then, Max Sandbag Cleans in remaining time – L: 60/30; S: 100/60; SS: 150/100
*The first part is a named workout called “”Annie””, so even if you’re not super great with DU’s, give this rep scheme a shot as it’s written. If you finish this super early,

-rest 3min, then:

In 10min, complete:
3 Rounds
Row 500/400m or Bike 1000/800m or Run 400m
L: 20; S: 40 DB Rows – L: 30/20; S: 50/35 (split reps b/t arms)
*Pump session

-rest 3min, then:

In 10min, complete:
3 Rounds
100m 2-KB Farmer’s Carry – L: 53/35; S: 70/53
20 Box Step Ups (S: Jumps)
12 1-DB S2O (6l/6r)

Ambassador Bro/Broette Sesh
Pullups, T2B, DU

Run Programming
Due to light participation, this is the last week we’ll schedule Run Programming. Join the Sunday Run Club, instead! Check for posts on the Derby City Social Page on Facebook.

L: 25min; S: 35min – easy aerobic run
8 x 40sec fast surges to be performed within the 35minutes. The surges must be spaced a minimum of 1min apart.

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