Monday 8/20/18

Strength Cycle: Deload/Play Week (2 of 2)
Our next strength cycle will begin on Monday, August 27th. In the meantime, your Derby City coaches have programmed two weeks of deload/play, with each day’s programming created by a different coach. Today’s workout is from Coach Phil.

WOD #1
21, 15, 9
Sandbag Over the Shoulder – L: 60/30; S:100/60; SS: 150/100 (or Power Clean – L: 95/65; S: 135/85)
Wallball – L: 20/14; S: 30/20
*Cap = 13min. We challenge you to go unbroken on every set of wallballs! Make us proud!

-rest 8min, then:

WOD #2
*Not Today Satan*
6 Sandbag Squats (or Front Squat with bar from WOD 1)
6 Burpee Bag/Bar Hops
*Burpee bag/bar hops are two jumps over the object for every 1 burpee you do, so you’ll always burpee on the same side of your bar or bag. Efficiency is key! Use the legs too much in the burpee, the squats will suffer. Use too much arm, and you’ll fade on the pushups. Gotta find that balance!

Puppy Dog on your Bag/Bar

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