Wednesday 8/22/18

Strength Cycle: Deload/Play Week (2 of 2)
Our next strength cycle will begin on Monday, August 27th. In the meantime, your Derby City coaches have programmed two weeks of deload/play, with each day’s programming created by a different coach. Today’s workout is from Coach Alexa.

2 Push Press w/ 3sec pause at the top
*Build across sets
8-10 Sandbag Lunges (total) – heavy as possible

*Boulder Shoulders*
4 Rounds
30 1-DB Snatches – L: 30/20; S: 50/35; SS: 70/50
L. 1 Wall Walk into 20sec hold or 25 Shoulder Taps
S: 25ft HS Walk
L: 30; S: 50 Double Unders
*Shoulder BURNER. Be smart with your snatches and consistently move through them with good technique. Don’t just rip the DB off the ground. If you choose HSW you need to be confident that you can keep it unbroken every round (unless those occasional slip ups happen). DU should be unbroken or Sport, or find a consistent set and stick with it each round for Life.

Static Open Book

Daily Reading
1. From Couch to 5k: 5 Crucial Things to Know Before You Start Training
2. How To Excel At (Strict) Pullups And Why You Might Be Struggling

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