Monday 9/17/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Week 3 of 5

4 Back Squat @ 75%
5 Banded Pushups b/t Sets
*Heavier than last week. The 5th rep should be hard, but make sure you’re driving your upper back toward the ceiling at the top. Get those shoulders going thru the full range of motion.

3 Rounds
L: 15; Spl: 20; S: 25 Wallballs
L: 3; Spl: 6; S: 9 Strict Pullups or 3 Rope Climbs
L: 25: Spl: 50; S: 75 Double Unders
*Cap = 15min. We want this one completed in under 12min, so Wallballs should be never be more than 2 sets. Strict Pullups will be slow & methodical, then gotta blaze thru the Double Unders. This one should feel like a rollercoaster of intensity. Fast in sections, slower in others.

Static Open Book

Daily Reading
1. Are Your Glutes Really Not Firing?
2. Why Your Fat Loss Goals Suck

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