Friday 9/21/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Week 3 of 5

3 Pause Power Position Snatch @ 40-60% 1RM (L: Power; S: Squat)
*Drive up to the power position, pause, then snatch. Drop and Reset.
L: 2; S: 1 Hang Snatch (above knee) @ 90% of 1RM Snatch (L Power; S: Squat)
*Drop and Reset. No fails.
8 Prone Band Hamstring Curls b/t sets (both legs)

4 Rounds
L: 10; Spl: 15; S: 20 T2B
15 Thrusters – L: 75/55; Spl: 95/65; S: 115/75
10 2-DB Box Step Ups – L: 30/20s; S: 50/35s
5 Pullups; Spl: 2 BMU; S: 5 BMU
Rest 90sec
*Cap = 18min. The heavy set of thrusters should be kept to 2 sets. Meanwhile, the weighted box step ups will be very taxing. Remember those from last week?! After making it thru those, you’ve got to sneak in some gymnastic work. We want to keep each round under 4min, and ideally closer to 3min.

Seated Forward Fold

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