Tuesday 9/25/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Week 4 of 5

3 Deadlift – AHAP
*Shoot for 90% of whatever you hit last week
10 Single-Leg KB RDL b/t sets (all 10 on one leg, switch legs in next set)
10 Seated 1-DB Press (5l/5r) or 10 Strict Ring Dips or 10sec Hold at Top & Bottom

3 Rounds
30 Thrusters – L: 45/35; S: 75/55
20 Burpees (S: Lateral Over Bar)
10 2-DB Push Press – 30/20; Spl: HSPU; S: SHSPU
*Cap = 16min. Shoulders and arms are going to be smoked here. Make sure you keep a tall torso for the thrusters so the bar rests on your shoulders and not in your arms. You’ll need to save them for the burpees and overhead work. And as always, don’t drop an empty barbell.

Puppy Dog

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2. Less Consumption, More Action Part 2 (with a side order of shit)

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