The Weekend WODs

Teams of 2
…at 0:00, complete:
5 Rounds
12 Push Jerks – L: 95/65; Spl: 115/80; S: 135/95
L: 16; S: 24 T2B

…at 10:00, complete:
1mile Run (in 200m intervals – 4 intervals per partner)
*or Row 250/200m or Bike 500/400m intervals

…at 17:00, complete:
42, 30, 18
Front Squats
Burpees (S: Lateral Over Bar)
Push Press (S: HSPU)

*Each section has a time cap so you gotta move! Finish early and you get rest. Go slow and you’re going to be wishing you went faster

OTM for 10min
10 Wallballs +
10 DB Snatches – L: 30/20; S: 50/35
*Both in the minute

-rest 3min, then:

OTM for 10min
Odd: 15/10 Cal Row or 13/9 Cal Bike
Even: L: 40; S: 80 Double Unders

-rest 3min, then:

L: 3; S: 5 Pullups
L: 6; S: 10 Pushups
L: 9; S: 15 Air Squats
*Pick a rep scheme that allows you to stay around 45sec per round

Ambassador Bro/Broette Session
Muscle Up

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