Wednesday 10/3/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Week 5 of 5

4 Front Squat @ 75% of your 1RM Back Squat
(or 90% of your 1RM FS if you know it)
90′ Sandbag Marches – L: 60/30; S: 150/100 (length of middle rig twice)
30sec Plank Hold – add a plate to your back if able to maintain good form

4 Rounds
20/14 Cal Bike or 24/16 Cal Row or Run 200m
25 DB Snatch – L: 25/15; Spl: 35/25; S: 50/35
10 Hand-on-Plate Pushup; Spl: 10 HSPU; S: 15 Ring Dips
*Cap = 14min. Arms, arms, arms. Be glad that we gave your legs a break this week. Meanwhile, to really push the intensity on this one, you should only breakup the Pushups/HSPU/Ring Dips. Bike/Row should be hard, and DB Snatches should be unbroken.


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