Monday 10/8/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Retest Week

In 16min:
Find 1RM Back Squat
-last tested 8/27/18

3 Rounds
L: 50; Spl: 75; S: 100 Double Unders
L: 9 Squat Cleans – 85/65; Spl: 12; S: 15 Squat Cleans – 115/75
12 Jumping Pullups; Spl: 12; S: 18 C2B
*Cap = 15min. Make sure you can complete the Double Unders in under 90sec. Squat Cleans should be very fast singles, or TnG for those really willing to suffer. No standing around. Time domain is 8-12min

Puppy Dog on your Barbell

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