Wednesday 10/31/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 2 – Week 2 of 5

In 10min:
Work up to Heavy Single Back Squat around 90%
3 Back Squat @ 82.5% of 1RM or of above
*Little heavier than last week

4 Rounds
In 3min, complete:
15 Push Press – L: 85/55; Spl: 135/85; S: SHSPU
L: 9; Spl: 15 Pullups; S: 15 C2B
Max Distance Row/Bike/DU in remaining time
Rest 90sec
*The first movement (Push Press or SHSPU) should be a real challenge, so don’t blow thru those quickly. We want to go from a difficult overhead movement to a little easier, but still challenging pullup variation. We don’t want the first two movements completed in under 1min.

Puppy Dog w/ Lat Stretch

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