Monday 11/26/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 2 – Retest Week

In 10min:
Find Heavy Single Snatch
*Life = Power; Sport = Squat

-then, at 11:00:
Max Rep L: Power; S: Squat Snatch @ 85% of above

-last tested 10/15/18

100/70 Cal Bike or 115/77 Cal Row or Run 1200m (800 + 400)
50 Wallballs
25 2-DB Box Step Overs – L: 15/10; Spl: 30/20; S: 50/35
*Cap = 14min. For many, this will turn into a test to complete as many Wallballs as possible under the cap. Look up your score from last time and try to beat whatever score you got then. For those *lucky enough* to get to the Step Overs, your legs are going to burn to get there.

Hurdler’s Stretch

Daily Reading
1. Stop Icing Your Injuries: Why Heat is the New Ice
2. How to make your children eat healthy: 8 tips from science

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