Monday 12/10/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 3 – Week 1 of 5

5 Back Squat @ 90% of last week’s 5RM
*Shoot for the same weight across all sets. So build up quickly, and then hang on tight.

Life: Row 1200/900m or Bike 2500/1900m or Run 800m or 200 Double Unders
Splife: Row 1600/1200m or Bike 3200/2500m or Run 1200m or 300 Double Unders
Sport: Row 2000/1600m or Bike 4000/3200m or Run 1 Mile or 400 Double Unders
30 Front Squat – L: 115/75; Spl: 145/95; S: 185/125
30 Hand-on-Plate Pushup; Spl: 15; S: 30 HSPU
20 Front Squat
20 Hand-on-Plate Pushup; Spl: 10; S: 20 HSPU
10 Front Squat
10 Hand-on-Plate Pushup; Spl: 5; S: 10 HSPU
*Cap = 16min. Choose whatever *Buy-In* distance that allows you to finish that piece sub-8:30. Many should be Splifing the first portion and then the fun begins in Part 2. Be smart about small sets with short rest so you can keep moving. That front squat is heavy!

2min Casual Row/Bike/Walk

Daily Reading
1. Sleep Hard, Play Harder
2. Never Have “Bad Luck” Again

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