Thursday 12/13/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 3 – Week 1 of 5

5 Squat Clean @ 65-70% of 1RM Clean
Bike / Row / Single Unders for Rest between sets
*This is technique work for the cleans, and then a steady (not super slow!) piece in between to keep your heart rate elevated.

L: 20: S: 40 Double Unders
10 Plate Ground-to-Overhead – L: 15/10; Spl: 35/25; S: 45/35
*Save your ankles, and those of your neighbors, by not dropping the plate from overhead. A rolling plate can do serious damage. Low reps and light weights mean this workout should be gas pedaled the entire way.

Puppy Dog or Down Dog

In 10min, complete:
5 Rounds
12/9 Cal Bike or Row
36 Double Unders

-rest 3min, then:

In 10min, complete:
5 Rounds
10 1-DB Overhead Lunge – L: 20/10; Spl: 35/25; S: 50/35
10 AKBS – L: 35/26; Spl: 53/35; S: 70/53
10 Pushups

-rest 3min, then:

20 DB Snatches
20 DB Weighted Situps

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