Wednesday 12/19/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 3 – Week 2 of 5

OTM for 10min
Power Clean + Push Jerk + Front Squat + Hang Squat Clean + Split Jerk

1 Rep @ 70%+ of 1RM of Clean Complex
*You can build throughout the sets. That’s a LOT of work to complete in one minute, so you have to move quickly. This will feel like a conditioning piece by the time we’re done.

20 Wallballs
10 Hand-on-Plate Pushups; Spl: 10 Ring Dips; S: 20 Ring Dips
20 Box Step Ups (S: Jumps)
*Wallballs should be 2 sets or less (unbroken for most). 3 sets on the Pushups/Ring Dips. Practice quick cycling on the box jumps, whether it’s a step down or a rebound style jump.

Passive Open Book

Daily Reading
1. How To Keep Nutrition Simple To Get Results
2. Exercise Wins: Fit Seniors Can Have Hearts That Look 30 Years Younger

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