Friday 1/11/19

Strength Cycle: Cycle 3 – Week 5 of 5

In 16min:
Find a new 5RM Back Squat
*We’re retesting our 5RM every Friday. Don’t shoot for the moon. Instead, just look to add 5-10lbs over what you hit last week. We’ll do the same thing every Friday in this cycle. Also, don’t waste all of your energy on 5s as you build up. Hit some 3s, 2s, and even 1s. When that single or double gets a little scary, then belt up and go for the 5.

L: 30; Spl/S: 60 Double Unders
L: 12 Hand-on-Plate Pushups; Spl: 9; S: 15 HSPU
10 Deadlifts – L: 135/85; Spl: 185/125; S: 225/155 (or 2-DBs – Spl: 70/50; S: 100/70s)
*Keep everything unbroken, so you’re looking at 90sec on, 90sec off

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