Friday 1/25/19

Strength Cycle: Open Prep Cycle – Week 1 of 4

8 Front Squat @ 70%
*If you’re not sure of your 1RM, then add a little weight to your 1RM Clean Complex from last week and use that number. Next week, we’ll add weight and drop the amount of rest in between sets. Be prepared.
Bike / Row / Single Unders for Rest between sets

30 Wallballs – L: 20/14; Spl/S: 30/20
L: 6; Spl: 9; S: 12 Strict Pullups
Max Distaince Row/Bike or Max SU in remaining time
*You can pace the *rest* and not get a lot out of it, or you can find the will to push the row/bike/SU and force yourself to get fitter. Choose wisely.

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