Monday 1/28/19

Strength Cycle: Open Prep Cycle – Week 2 of 4

30/21 Cal Row or 25/17 Cal Bike or 100 DU
25 1-DB Push Jerk – L: 30/20; Spl: 50/35; S: 70/50
L: 15; Spl: 20 Pushups; S: 25 2″” Deficit Pushups (15lb Plates)
*Push Jerks into Pushups will leave your arms feeling like jell-o, but you’ll have to fight your way thru that. That DB is going to feel awkward as hell, too. Switch between hands however you prefer, just keep your breaks short.

12 1-DB Front Rack Lunge – L: 25/15; Spl: 50/35; S: 70/50
12 1-DB Thrusters
12 Situps (Spl/S: T2B)
*Hold the dumbbell however you want for the Lunges and Thrusters. The goal is 90sec of work, 90sec of rest, which should be very manageable with this few reps (even though the weight is heavy and awkward).

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