Thursday 1/31/19

Strength Cycle: Open Prep Cycle – Week 2 of 4

In 12min:
Build to Heavy Single L: Power; Spl/S: Squat Snatch

-rest 3min, then:

Max Unbroken Hang Snatch @ 70% of above
15 Burpees
*Rest with the bar overhead or at your hip, but once you drop the bar, move to the burpees.

30 Wallballs
20 RKBS – L: 35/24; Spl: 53/35; S: 70/53
L: 5 Controlled Pullup Negatives; Spl: 5; S: 10 Strict Pullups
*Steady pace for this one, as it’s not intended to be super high-intensity. Move well.

OTM for 35min
Min 1: 12/9 Cal Row
Min 2: 15 2-DB Floor Press – heavy as you can handle
Min 3: 12/9 Cal Bike (switch with a friend)
Min 4: Max 2-DB Skull Crushers
Min 5: 50 Double Unders
Min 6: Max 2-DB Bicep Curls
Min 7: Rest
*Fun pump day!

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