Wednesday 3/20/19

Strength Cycle: Open Cycle – Week 5

OTM for 10min
1 Clean and Jerk @ 80%
*Squat or Power, your call. If you squatted yesterday, then probably Power these today. If you missed Tuesday, then we’d recommend choosing Squat.

40/32 Cal Row or 34/24 Cal Bike or Run 800m
-then, immediately into:
10, 8, 6, 4, 2
Clean & Jerk – L: 75/55; Spl: 115/75; S: 135/95
Box Step Over (Spl/S: Jump Over)
*Cap = 16min. The buy-in will get your heart pumping, and the second portion should tax your quads in a horrendously, lovely way.

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