Friday 4/5/19

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Week 1 of 5

5 Touch and Go Power Snatch – AHAP
*Get heavy, but we don’t want to see a large degradation in form. Keep those feet at a reasonable width in the catch of each snatch.
10 Pistol Progressions; Spl: *Heel-Lock* Pistols; S: Weighted Pistols
*Work on a single-leg pistol variation where you challenge your ability to stabilize your hip, control your descent, and keep your knee in a good position during the ascent. Grab a Coach for a progression which works for you.

3 Rounds
25 Wallballs
20/14 Cal Row or Bike or Run 200m
15 Hanging Leg Raises; Spl/S: T2B
*Cap = 16min. We want to test your ability to hang on for big sets of Wallballs and T2B. Try to go unbroken today.

Daily Reading
1. The Best Exercise You Aren’t Doing
2. Back Overextension

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