Tuesday 4/9/19

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Week 2 of 5

5 Touch and Go Power Clean to Push Jerk – AHAP
*add weight as you go
10 1-DB Front Rack Box Step Ups – L: 25/15; Spl: 35/25; S: 50/35

4 Sandbag/Dball Cleans – L: 60/30; Spl: 100/60; S: 150/100
8 HRPU; Spl: Plate-Deficit Pushups; S: Ring Dips
12/8 Cal Bike or Row or Run 100m
*If we run out of Sandbags/Dballs, then Power Clean a slightly heavier weight for a similar stimulus. There should be enough rest in this workout that you can really push the intensity today. You can also pair up with a partner (to share equipment) and start at different locations in this triplet.

Daily Reading
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