Thursday 4/11/19

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Week 2 of 5

OTM for 8min
1 Split Jerk – 80-90%
*Add weight as you go so you stick something heavy by the end

12 2-DB Bicep Curls (6l/6r) – heavy but don’t swing them!
12 L: Ring Rows; Spl: 6; S: 12 Strict Pullups
3 Nose-and-Toes Wall Walk; Spl: Nose-and-Toes HS 1-Foot Lift-Off or 6 HSPU Negatives; S: 50′ HS Walk or 12 SHSPU
Row/Bike/DU if time remaining in the 3min
*Today’s workout isn’t meant for intensity; instead, move well and try to work on your handstand pushups under a little bit of fatigue. Grab a Coach in the middle of the *WOD* to get some help with your HSPU-timing, tripod-position, foot-position, etc… And at the same time, get in some good bodybuilding work to help those tanktop & swimwear muscles.

In 10min, complete:
Row 1000/800m or Bike 2000/1600m or Run 800m
L: 30; Spl: 40; S: 50 Wallballs

-then, at 10:00, complete:
2 Rounds
L: 50; Spl: 75; S: 100 Double Unders
L: 25 Barbell-on-Rig Pullups; Spl: 15; S: 25 Pullups

-then, at 20:00, complete:
2 Rounds
25 Burpees
25 1-DB Snatch – L: 25/15; Spl: 35/25; S: 50/35

-then, at 30:00:
Run 400m or Row 500/400m or Bike 1000/800m
Max V-Ups in remaining time

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