Monday 4/29/19

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Week 5 of 5

4 Zero Bounce Deadlift @ 75-85% of 1RM
*One more rep than last week, but end up at/around the same weight
L: 4 Seated Broad Jump – from box, w/ hips/knees parallel, jump as far as possible
Spl: 4 Kneeling Jump to Squat
S: 4 Kneeling Jump to Pistol (2r/2l)

10/7 Cal Row or Bike or Run 100m
3 2-DB Push Press – L: 25/15; Spl: 35/25; S: 50/35
10/7 Cal Row or Bike or Run 100m
6 Push Press
10/7 Cal Row or Bike or Run 100m
9, 12, 15… etc.
*You’ll add 3 reps to your Push Press each round, but you’ll always Row/Bike/Run the same distance. Your Push Press weight should allow you to get thru the round of 12 before breaking anything.

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