Wednesday 5/15/19

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Week 2 of 7

Min 1) 3 Deadlift – AHAP
Min 2) 12 Burpees
Min 3) 36 Double Unders
*No clanging-n-banging and no sacrificing a solid midline position. Like Monday, the additional volume is optional if you need more time to rest on your Deadlifts

6 Rounds
6 Power Cleans – L: 95/65; Spl: 135/85; S: 155/105
L: 4 Pullups; Spl: 8 Pullups; S: 8 C2B
10/6 Cal Bike or Row or Run 100m
*Cap = 15min. Power Cleans should be fast singles or touch and go reps. Pullups shouldn’t exceed two sets. Focus on your transitions between pieces and you’ll pick up a ton of time.

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