Friday 5/24/19

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Week 3 of 7

Min 1) 4 Front Squat @ 82.5%
Min 2) 12 V-Ups
Min 3) L: 12 Banded Plate Walk; Spl: 15′ HS Walk or 5 *Walks-2-Wall*; S: 25’ HS Walk
*Don’t know your Front Squat? No problem. Calculate your 1RM Front Squat as 80% of your 1RM Back Squat. Then take another 82.5% of that to get today’s Front Squat number. Like Monday & Wednesday, the additional volume is optional if you need more time to rest on your Squats

2 Burpee Pullups; Spl: 1 BMU; S: 2 BMU
4 Squat Cleans – L: 115/75; Spl: 165/105; S: 205/145
8 Box Step Overs; Spl: Jump Overs; S: Tall Jump Overs – 30/24”
*This will be a slower paced AMRAP as opposed to to something like *Cindy*. Squat Cleans should be performed as singles without a lot of rest between reps. We hope to see a minimum of 4 rounds from everyone.

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