Friday 6/7/19

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Week 5 of 7

Min 1) 4 Front Squat @ 87.5%
Min 2) 12 Hollow Hold Flutter Kicks (L+R=1)
Min 3) 1 Nose-and-Toes HS Hold – hold for as long as comfortable
*Squats are a little heavier than last week, so make sure you’re adding some weight.

Teams of 2
OTM for 6min
L: 10sec; Spl: 15sec; S: 20sec Max Cal Bike or Row
*Both partners spend 10/15/20sec every minute getting as far as possible on the Bike or Rower. You pick where you start in the minute, just get it done.

-then, at 7:00:

5 Power Cleans – L: 115/75; Spl: 155/105; S: 185/135 (or Sandbag Clean – 150/100)
12 Banded Plate Walk; Spl: 15′; S: 30′ HS Walk

Daily Reading
1. Can You Be Healthy at Any Size?
2. Weight Loss – 8 Actionable Tips to Help You Transform Your Body.

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