Wednesday 6/19/19

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Week 7 of 7 – RETEST WEEK

In 16min:
Find 5RM Deadlift
*Do not sacrifice solid positioning for more weight. And no clanging-and-banging. These are controlled touch and go reps. Set your spine, breathe big, brace, and drive the floor away

4 Rounds
9 Jumping Pullup Negatives; Spl: 9 Strict Pullups; S: 15 Strict Pullups or 3 Rope Climbs
15 Power Clean – L: 75/55; Spl: 115/75; S: 135/95
*Time domain for this 4 round workout is sub 12 minutes, or 3min per round. So, it’s not blazing fast. You can actually go slower today to work on better Pullups. Power Cleans should never exceed 2 sets per round, but the Strict Pullups could get dicey as the rounds add up. Just do what you can and maintain good form.

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