Monday 7/8/19

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Strength Cycle: Cycle 2 – Week 3 of 7

3 Clean & Jerk @ 70-75%
Push of Choice:
a) 30sec Max 2-DB Floor Press
b) 30sec Max Deficit Pushups
c) 30sec Max SHSPU
*Pick what you want to work on today

L: 35/28; Spl: 45/35; S: 50/40 Cal Ski or Row or Bike
L: 60; Spl: 80; S: 100 Wallballs
*We’d like you to have anywhere between 3-to-5min with the Wallball. We want you to push yourself to finish a round!

Daily Reading
1. Finding Success In Failure
2. Let’s talk about food guilt

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