Friday 7/19/19

Strength Cycle: Cycle 2 – Week 4 of 7

6 Sumo Deadlift – AHAP
*Screw your feet into the floor so the flat part of your shin is on the barbell. Drive your knees out toward your plates. Be as vertical as possible by keeping the bar underneath your armpits.
Overhead of Choice
a) 30sec Max 2-DB Strict Press
b) 30sec Max HSPU/SHSPU

3 Rounds
8 Power Snatch (S: Squat Snatch) – L: 75/55; Spl: 95/65; S: 115/75
L: 40; Spl: 60; S: 80 Double Unders
8 Power Snatch (S: Squat Snatch)
Rest 3min
*Cap = 16min. Some touch & go sets will be necessary, but not if it leaves you staring at the barbell. The Double Unders will make the second set of Snatches dicey. You’ve got plenty of rest so push each round hard.

Daily Reading
1. This Exaggeration Is Killing You
2. What Are Toes-to-Bar?

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