20 Check-In Club – March 2019

Congrats to all of our Derby City athletes who checked into 20+ classes during March. That’s an average of 5 classes/week! We also had 137 people who checked into 12 or more classes, for an average of 3 classes/week.

Spring is around the corner, which means warmer weather and plenty of outdoor distractions. It’ll be harder to make the gym a non-negotiable part of your day, so stay focused! If you’re not here getting fitter, then get outside and bike a trail or run some hills. Keep building consistency into your schedule, both with your workouts and your nutrition.

3 days/week = breaking even
4 days/week = amazing progress
5 days/week = life-altering change

Amber Markham
Amy Prentice
Andrew Howell
Ashley Weis
Ashley Wethall
Branden Buller
Brandon Irby
Brittany Deppen
Bruce Carter
Chris Herrick
David Markham
DJ Sullivan
Ellen Gregory
Gabbi Greenwald
Heather Lohuis
Jessie Schook
Kayla Collier
Kelsi Sullivan
Kylyn Schnelle
Leah Walts
Maclin Simpson
Mary Hillebrand
Matt Czaja
McKenzie Cox
Parker Cash
Payton Logan
Rachel Raphael
Sam Garas
Simon Gallo

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