2018 Derby City Ambassadors

2018 Derby City Ambassador Program

Derby City CrossFit is an amazing community of people accomplishing extraordinary achievements every day. In 2018, we’re extending our successful Derby City Ambassador program to further amplify the positive culture of DCCF. We’re looking for a new team of individuals to serve as liaisons on behalf of all athletes. They will embody everything we strive for at Derby City and be available to help welcome new individuals into the gym, organize community events, give feedback on classes, programs, offerings, and apparel, and help us make an impact on the lives of everyone who steps into our gym.

First, let us tell you about the minimum requirements, expectations, and benefits. If, after reading, you’re interested in being an Ambassador, please apply below.

Minimum Requirements for Ambassadors
*At least six months as a Derby City athlete with consistent attendance no less than 4x/week
*Has shown a positive impact on the community and all of its members
*Is a good classmate and honors the values of the gym
*Finds joy in helping new athletes become integrated into the community
*Willingness to be available via phone, email, or in-person
*Commitment to both one-year membership and ambassadorship

Expectations of Ambassadors
*Meet 4 times during the year (once per quarter) as an advisory board for Derby City to discuss all gym business and give quality, constructive feedback
*Weekly comment on Derby City Public Facebook Page and Derby City Social Page to generate positive conversation
*Willingness to coordinate, facilitate, and host community events/seminars/welcome events, including Intramural Open
*Helps plan/facilitate new tshirts and apparel/gear orders
*Arrives to class early to welcome new athletes and lead them through their first days
*Stays until the end of the workout to cheer on every athlete
*Attends one class not theirs every month
*Represents Derby City outside the gym to the best of their ability (fly our flag when appropriate)
*Role model of respect for coaches
*Gives constructive feedback on issues that affect community culture
*Other assignments based on the strengths and desires of the ambassador

Benefits for Ambassadors
*6 free tshirts/tanks throughout the year
*All other apparel & supplements at cost
*Ambassador profile on website
*Design apparel/products for sale
*Product testers (supplements, equipment, program designs, etc…)
*Guide the direction of Derby City’s growth

How to Apply