A Year From Now, You’ll Wish You’d Started Today

We know you want to try CrossFit. We hear it every day from people inquiring with us. “I always wanted to start, but just never took the leap.” Why wait? A year from now, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.

Working out is already hard enough when you’re going to a boring, faceless, commercial gym. What helps is a community of like-minded individuals who just want to move a little better, look a little leaner, get a little stronger, and enjoy their life inside and outside of the gym.

Your body will change, your mind will change, and your life will change. We guarantee it.

We’ll combine strength work with conditioning workouts to gradually integrate you into our normal classes and get you feeling the best you’ve felt in years, both mentally and physically. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll have a great knowledge of how to lift and move, thanks to our team of incredibly qualified coaches.

We make it easy to get started, no matter your current fitness level. We know that jumping full speed into a new habit, like a new fitness program, is not recommended for long term success. That’s why we offer our Elements program designed to get you up and running confidently as you start on your new lifestyle. The three-week session will consist of 9 classes designed to start you on the path to changing your life, and includes a free fourth-week. Regardless of your current training status, we’ll train you properly on how to move and lift safely, efficiently, and powerfully.

Our Elements program is limited to 7 people to ensure a close student-to-coach ratio, so don’t wait to register. Our sessions fill up fast.

The cost of the Elements program is $99 and you can register by contacting us below.

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