Adding an Additional Workout Day to Your Week

You’ve been hitting Derby City 3 days/week and want to gradually progress into 4… or, you’ve been coming 4 days/week and want to move to 5… how do you do it?

On the day you’re adding in, we think it wise to modify the strength & conditioning elements to gradually adjust to the additional volume. For our strength work, we often have you perform a primary move on the Even minute followed by an accessory move on the Odd minute. Adjust to your new/additional day by modifying this setup to perform the primary lift on the Even minute, then mobilize or rest entirely on the Odd minute, instead of performing the additional gymnastic work. Using this method for the strength work, you will decrease your total reps, so you’ll automatically decrease the amount of total effort/volume required.

For modifying the conditioning piece, here’s where having a heart rate monitor can be very useful. You can attack this piece like intervals, by starting the WOD and working to increase your heart rate up to the red (90-100%). Once it hits there, stop until your heart rate decreases to the blue (60-70%). Once you are in the blue, start again and work up until you’re in the red, then of course rest again until you’re back to the blue. Continue this pattern of work/rest until the AMRAP is complete, until you reach the time cap, or until you finish all of the reps under the cap. This pattern follows more closely to traditional H.I.I.T. interval work and will allow you to recover better, making it easier for you to adjust to the additional workout day during your week.

Once you have adjusted to this additional day you can stop the rest intervals and perform the work as originally written, thereby progressing even further. Also, you don’t have to use this method just for adding another day, but if you’re feeling a little under-recovered or lacking motivation, this method may work for you as well.