Are You Giving Into Cravings?

Are You Giving Into Cravings?
Written by: Coach Slater

Do you feel like food cravings overwhelm you? Feeling frustrated and disappointed, as a result?

Let’s examine…

1) Are you legitimately hungry?
If you’re not eating enough at your main meals, maybe that’s leaving you thinking about food at other parts of the day. If that’s true, no strategy will solve this problem except for a) eating more calories, or b) eating foods in your main meals that produce higher satiety (more protein/fat).

2) Are you feeling deprived?
Maybe you’re eating enough, but you’re missing a few things (sugar, fat, whatever…) that make you feel emotionally satisfied or like you had a “complete meal”. In this case, it’s less about an actual physiological hunger but more of a physiology meets psychology thing. And the goal is to either find foods that help you feel that same satisfaction or to have some of the “junk” in small amounts, within reason, at the right times, and not beat yourself up about it.

We recommend recognizing why you want that snack, and replacing it with a healthier option. Are you used to eating ice cream at night with dinner because it helps you cap off the day? Try replacing it with a fruit/protein smoothie. Stick with this replacement for a couple weeks and see if your urge for late-night ice cream doesn’t go away.

3) Are you seeking comfort or something else from food?
Maybe you’re not craving food, but the feeling that eating gives you (calm, happy, destressed, in control, etc…). If this is you, some deeper work needs to be done. If you already keep a workout journal, consider journaling your “food and feelings” so you can bring awareness to your eating and look for patterns in your life. Over time, if you stay tuned in and aware of what’s really happening, below the surface, there’s a better opportunity to change.

In the end, not all humans are the same, and not all cravings are the same. So, this post is just a framework for further investigation.

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