Back Pain & Deadlifts

Find your back aching after Deadlift days? We often modify Deadlift to keep you training the pattern of “picking heavy things off the ground”, but eliminating any concern about waking up stiff the next day. 

1. We’ll raise the starting position, so you’re picking the bar off a raised platform (plates). Doing so reduces the amount of hip mobility needed to safely maintain a stable back. 

2. We’ll change you to a Sumo stance which reduces the strain on the lower back, and puts more focus on your legs (quads/adductors). You don’t get quite the same booty gainz in a Sumo stance, but you still get strong legs and a rock-solid core. 

3. We’ll look at your form to see if you’re setting up too far over the bar, putting extra strain on your back. By shifting the position of your hips & shoulders before the start of the lift, we can make the Deadlift feel like a brand new movement to you. 

If you have questions in class, don’t be afraid to ask a Coach!

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