Barbell Training

Do you realize how cool it is that you’ve decided to train with a barbell?

94% of everyone you encounter in your daily life is afraid of the barbell for one reason or another… and while they know they should workout 60min/day for 3-4x/week, they don’t.

Another 3% go to a Planet Fitness style gym and get nowhere doing the same boring machines-and-treadmill routine day-in and day-out.

2% percent join some specialty Cardio Lovers class and find out too late that endless cardio has diminishing returns.

So, we guess we’re saying you’re a member of the “Good 1%”. You’re building muscle, which burns more energy and helps you lose body fat. Those new muscles make you better at your everyday life. Placing something heavy on a high shelf? Moving furniture? Cutting up a fallen tree? You can do it all.

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