Be Like Sam

Be Like Sam
Written by: Coach Slater

Maybe Derby City isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we are for anyone and everyone who’s willing to get out of their comfort zone. Our usual plea to prospective members who think they’re too old for us is: A) You’re not, B) If you don’t want to join us, then at least do something, anything.

Sam is a long-time member who knows that age is just a number, and not a limiting factor. We have dozens of members in the 40+ category, all the way up to 60+. They may wish they’d started CrossFit when they were our age, but we all watch them and hope that we’ll be like them when we’re *their* age!

We all know and love someone who is struggling to age well. Whether it’s a parent, grandparent, boss, mentor, or family friend, their mind is there, but they’re not as physically-able as they used to be. Things like getting up and down off the ground (or even the couch!) have become hard, taking stairs is a considerable task, issues with balance, etc…

Those struggles add up to a loss of independence, and those “Golden Years” become less enjoyable because they can’t physically do they things they’d most like to do. But, everyone wants to live healthier and enjoy life for as long as they can. Our training style isn’t just for young, fit people. It’s for anyone and everyone, and it can help people enjoy those later years more thoroughly and independently.

Encourage your mom and pop and aunt and uncle and boss to be like Sam.

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