Bulletproof Shoulders

Bulletproof Shoulders
Written by: Coach Evan

Crossover Symmetry is a shoulder program that involves strength, coordination, and the development of appropriate and functional neuromuscular patterns to prevent or help rehab injuries. Most shoulder rehab programs involve strength exercises that only work through certain ranges of motion and only focus on a few of the muscles in the shoulder. Crossover Symmetry is designed to train movement patterns, not just isolated muscle groups.

The main focus is to develop coordination among the muscle groups to help us move better and more efficiently in athletic movements like in Olympic lifting or gymnastics. It also helps establish an athletic posture that is key to better performance in CrossFit: standing upright with a braced core and engaged hips. Not only is this going to help us perform better but studies have shown that poor core stability and balance are related to shoulder dysfunction and an increase in upper body injuries. So not only will this help shoulder pain and mobility, but it was also develop better positions. Overall this creates a better athlete (i.e. any CrossFitter).

You will see big changes if you have rotator cuff injuries, torn labrums, experience shoulder impingement, have shoulder instability (trouble with stabilizing loads overhead), generally feel weak in your shoulders, and/or sit at a desk all day. Many of these injuries leave us with our shoulders and head pulled forward, which puts our body out of alignment and weakens the muscles that keep us aligned and in a neutral position. Crossover Symmetry helps correct that misalignment by strengthening and retraining the muscles to stay in a neutral position.

This is a tool available to any member of Derby City CrossFit. Anyone will benefit from this program because of its simplicity, variability, and effectiveness. If you are interested, get in touch with Coach Evan for programming.

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