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6 Late-Night Snack Ideas

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6 Late-Night Snack Ideas
Written by: Coach Slater

In an ideal world, you’ve tracked your macros for the day and found you’re a few short, so you’re looking for a late-night snack to finish off the day. In reality, you’re probably just hungry and purposely don’t keep cereal in the house because you know you’ll snack on it if it’s around (right?!), so you’re grazing for some food.

Don’t be fooled by the click-bait articles about “eating after 8pm adds 8% body fat”. No late-night snack is going to make or break your overall nutrition plan, and you shouldn’t demonize food anyway. Eating a sensible snack before bed is good for the soul sometimes, so here are some late-night snacks that I go to when I’m hungry.

Greek Yogurt & Fruit
Feels like eating ice cream, due its texture and smoothness, but without the added fat and sugar. Plus, it’s rich in probiotics for gut health. Choose a clean version like Siggi’s (ideally, the unflavored version), then throw in some low-glycemic fruit like chopped up pears or orange for some additional flavor and fiber. Hint: it’s also a good option for breakfast when combined with some oatmeal.

Almond Butter & Rice Cakes
Go creamy or crunchy depending on what you’re into, but the protein and fat will quickly make you feel full. Throw it on a Lundberg Organic Rice Cake for some additional flavor. Be careful, though… a little goes a long way with almond butter (or peanut butter). You only need a little bit on each cake. Don’t go thru half the jar in a single sitting.

Apple & Cheese
A perfect combo of sweet and savory. Recently, I’m a kick of Gala apples and Brie cheese. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and rich. I eat it while reminding the dog that I don’t share and to stop staring at me.

Organic Pita Chips & Hummus
Simple and easy. A fine combo of carbs and protein. Look for a clean hummus, not one whose ingredient listing is 15 names long. Good, simple hummus basically only consists of chick peas or garbanzo beans, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. Short ingredient lists are typically a good way to go.

Frozen Fruit Smoothie
Combine some of the items mentioned above, like greek yogurt, almond butter, and frozen fruit, then toss in spinach or kale, with some slow-digesting casein protein, and you’ve got a great late-night smoothie.

Organic Dried Mangoes or Sweet Potato Chips
Dried fruit can be tricky as it often hides a lot of sugar, so double-check for that when selecting a brand. But, there are plenty of no-sugar-added options at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, like some “sweet & tangy” ones that I’ve found at one of those damn places but can’t remember for this article. Sue me!

How Much Should I Eat?

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How Much Should I Eat?
Written by: Coach Slater

First of all, know that this is complex question which can’t be accurately estimated via an article, so this piece is just giving you a ballpark so you can have an intelligent conversation with a Coach.

Ok with that said, a place you can start is by determining how many calories you already burn in a day. If you eat the exact number of calories you need each day, you will maintain your current weight. If you eat less than what you need, you will lose weight. And if you eat more calories than you need, you will gain weight / muscle. It’s not as simple as calories in = calories out, but this is a good starting point.

How Many Calories Do I Burn in a Day?
We’ll need to look at your physical activity, both in the gym and out, as well as how much energy your body needs just to fuel your your organs, tissues, and cells. There are many online calculators for figuring this out, and they’re all within a reasonable percentage of each other, so you really can’t go too wrong if you google “BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator”. But, try this one as it takes an average of many different models for a more accurate number: Here

You can also estimate it yourself using one of these formulas:
Women: BMR = (10 × weight in kg) + (6.25 × height in cm) – (5 × age in years) – 161
Men: BMR = (10 × weight in kg) + (6.25 × height in cm) – (5 × age in years) + 5
*note: 1 inch = 2.54 cm and 1 kilogram = 2.2 lbs.

Figuring Your Activity Factor
Next, you’ll want to fine-tune how much energy you actually expend working out and just walking around in a normal day. Do you stand or walk a lot? Are you super fidgety? All of these factors are important to consider when you estimate how active you are. Based on your self assessment, use the chart below to find the right activity factor for you:

Slightly Active – 1.375 – Exercise or Light Sports 1 to 3 Days a Week, Light Jogging or Walking 3 to 4 Days a Week. Choose this if your workouts are kinda light for now so that you don’t break out into a sweat.

Lightly Active – 1.425 – Exercise or Moderate Sports 2 to 3 Days a Week, Light Jogging or Walking 5 to 7 Days a Week. Choose this if you are working out a few days or more each week and breaking a light sweat.

Moderately Active – 1.55 – Physical Work, Exercise, or Sports 4 to 5 Days a Week, Construction Laborer. Choose this if you are working out multiple days a week and breaking into a full sweat.

Very Active – 1.75 – Heavy Physical Work, Exercise, or Sports 6 to 7 Days a Week, Hard Laborer. Choose this if you are working out a little more frequently than above and breaking into a full sweat, but also work a physically demanding job.

After picking a category, you’d calculate the total amount of calories you need each day by multiplying your BMR and your activity factor to get your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). This is the amount you would need to eat every day to maintain your current weight. Again, if you maintain this physical activity level inside- and outside-the-gym, and if you eat less than this TDEE number, then you should lose weight. Eat more, you should gain weight / muscle.

Let’s see two examples:
Joe is 225lb, 35-year-old male who works a desk job and is looking to lose about 25 pounds this year so he can get back to his college weight. He’s slightly active, giving him an activity factor of 1.375 and a TDEE of 3,403 calories per day to maintain his current weight (2,475 calories x 1.375 activity factor = 3,403)

Jenny is a 26-year-old female graduate student, who’s moderately active and works out hard in classes 4 days/week and wants to lose about 15 pounds for her upcoming wedding in 4 months. She has an activity factor of 1.55 and has a TDEE of 2,480 calories per day to maintain her current weight (1,600 calories x 1.4 activity factor = 2,480)

There’s a starting point for you to figure out how much to eat and how much you’re burning. I’ll follow-up with another article about portion sizes so you can figure out how to meet these numbers. Again, this is just informational and you’ll need to personally fine-tune these formulas to make them most effective for you. We just want you to start thinking about how much energy you’re really expending. If you’d like more assistance, contact us about personalized Nutrition Coaching.

Kansas State University, Physical Activity and Controlling Weight
Wikipedia, Harris-Benedict Equation

Top Derby City Posts of 2018

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Top Derby City Posts of 2018
Written by: Coach Slater

It’s hard to keep up on everything we put out on Social Media, so here’s a collection of our “most clicked” posts from the past year from the website and Instagram. We’ve also included some posts from past years that still get a ton of clicks, as apparently people are still interested in them. Who knew? Enjoy!

5. Accountability: Because We Care
Fitness is a personal journey, but that doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone. At Derby City, we feel very strongly about community, and the bonds of friendship and family have the power to help us become our best selves.

4. Member Survey Results, Pt 1
This year’s survey gave us an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and some very helpful constructive feedback.

3. The Best, Worst 5 Weeks of the Year
Ah, the Open. Every year when the snows of winter melt, a glorious time in the CrossFit calendar comes. If you’ve been in the community a while, the Open needs no introduction to you.

2. Meal Prep 101
The reality is that if you want to perform better in the gym and look better outside of it, you need to improve your nutrition. Meal prepping is a cornerstone of anyone who’s successfully done so. But meal prepping sounds daunting to many people, so I’m going to try to make it easier for you to tackle.

1. Derby City CrossFit Christmas List – 2018
Raise your hand if you also love Christmas shopping for yourself AFTER Christmas, so you can snag all the sweet deals. Your family is fantastic, but there’s 0% chance they know which weightlifting belt you want or whether the new Reebok Nano is better than whatever Nike’s are dropping later in January. It’s on you to pickup what you really want; and, here’s a list of what you really want for Christmas

Instagram Posts

View this post on Instagram

Our Summer Transformation challenge ended last week. It's time to announce our winners. # For the females: Brittany Deppen pulled off the impossible, winning ALL THREE categories. She gained the most muscle, lost the most fat, and earned the most points. She's the first ever to win all three prizes. # For the males: Steve Knight gained the most muscle, at 2.5lbs, a change of 3.7% Kevin McAdams lost the most body fat, losing 30.0% from his original number. He also earned the most points overall. # Here's a look at the Top 3 for all categories: Female Muscle Mass Gain 1. Brittany Deppen – 10.5% (6.0lbs) 2. Sarah Stankiewicz – 4.2% (2.7lbs) 3. Monica Murphy – 3.3% (2.0lbs) # Female Body Fat Loss 1. Brittany Deppen – 30.5% 2. Katie Caddle-Hayes – 19.2% 3. Monica Murphy – 17.1% # Female Points Leaders 1. Brittany Deppen – 258pts 2. Jessica Sharpenstein – 212pts 3. Celia Cusick – 194pts # Male Muscle Mass Gain 1. Steve Knight – 3.7% (2.5lbs) 2. Tim George – 3.2% (2.4lbs) 3. Simon Gallo – 3.1% (2.2lbs) # Male Body Fat Loss 1. Kevin McAdams – 30.0% 2. Branden Buller – 22.7% 3. Todd Moorman – 18.1% # Male Points Leaders 1. Kevin McAdams – 286pts 2. Branden Buller – 273pts 3. Sam Garas – 151pts # The winner of each category is winning $250, so Kevin is nabbing $500 while Brittany is taking home $750!! # #DerbyCityBuilt #DerbyCityCF #DerbyCity #KeepLouisvilleFit #Louisville #CrossFit

A post shared by Derby City CrossFit (@derbycitycf) on



View this post on Instagram

Attention: Men of Louisville # It is NOT okay to mansplain "fitness" to a woman. Your patriarchy doesn't fly in the gym, where women are building strong, badass bodies. It's no wonder some women are afraid of the gym. # One of our members had this text exchange with a new guy she'd recently met. Men, if you think "girls should focus more on legs and guys should focus on chest and arms", then you are poorly informed about just everything related to health and fitness. # Stop mansplaining, educate yourself, and encourage women to find joy in discovering how strong their bodies can be. And finally, keep this in mind the next time you want to mansplain fitness to a women: If you don’t feel comfortable saying something to a man for fear of being punched in the face, please don’t say it to a woman either. # #DerbyCityBuilt #BootyCityCrossFit #DerbyCityCF #DerbyCity #KeepLouisvilleFit #Louisville #CrossFit

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These are old articles (from 2016 or earlier) that are still getting a ton of clicks:

5. How to Instantly Add More Weight to Your Lifts
Effective bracing is a head-to-toe endeavor and it may be the most important thing we can teach you at Derby City.

4. How to Not Rip on Pullups
Hand rips are cool and all, but if avoiding them is cooler, then consider me Miles Davis.

3. Heart Rate Recovery: An easy way to track your fitness
You can use your heart rate monitor and your MyZone app to track how fast your heart SLOWS down after a workout, which is a proven method for objectively tracking your fitness.

2. Pregnancy & Weightlifting Belts
A bunch of information for moms-to-be about working out, including weightlifting belts, lower back issues, hormones, and intensity.

1. How to Cooldown After Your WOD
A simple article with a bunch of links discussing two important parts of cooling down: foam rolling & stretching.

Winter Transformation

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Change yourself for 6 weeks, and you might just change your whole life.

Derby City’s 2019 Winter Transformation challenge is simple. The entry fee is $25, you’ll spend the next six weeks improving your health, your happiness, and your relationship with yourself and others. Each day, you’ll earn points for completing each of the Daily Habits listed below. There’s no uncomfortable body-comp scan before & after. Just complete the daily habits, consistently, and we know you’ll see progress. Earn the most points and you’ll win cold-hard cash.

To register, you must sign-up via the Front Desk sometime before Monday, 1/14. You don’t need a body-composition scan, as in years past. Simply workout and fix your nutrition while everyone else is packing on the winter pounds.

Starts: January 14th
Ends: February 22nd
How Much: $25

1 Point
a. Daily Food Log to My Fitness Pal
b. Attend at least 3 Classes (Must Sign in to count!)
c. Daily Challenge
2min 1-KB Overhead Hold (each arm) – L: 35/26; S: 53/35
2min Sandbag Hold – L: 60/30; S: 100/60

2 Points
a. Attend 4 or more Classes (Must Sign in to count!)
b. Pre/Post Progress Picture

3 Points
a. Posting on social media using “DerbyCityBuilt19” doing something health/fitness related inside or outside the gym!

5 Points
a. Support friends/members at Local Competitions
b. Completing all 18 Days of daily challenge (6 wks x 3 days/week)

10 Points
a. Compete at Local CrossFit Competition, and/or Race (email pic to Coach Alexa)
b. Attend and Participate in Gym Outings

Be sure to follow Coach Alexa on social media, so she can record your points as you complete the habits. You’ll climb the leaderboard as you make progress.

MyFitnessPal — AlexaMorganMay93 and set diary settings to “friends”
Instagram — @alexammay
Email — [email protected]

Derby City CrossFit Christmas List – 2018

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Derby City CrossFit Christmas List – 2018
Written by: Coach Slater

Raise your hand if you also love Christmas shopping for yourself AFTER Christmas, so you can snag all the sweet deals. Your family is fantastic, but there’s 0% chance they know which weightlifting belt you want or whether the new Reebok Nano is better than whatever Nike’s are dropping later in January. It’s on you to pickup what you really want; and, here’s a list of what you really want for Christmas.

NoBull Canvas Backpack
In past years, I’ve recommended the King Kong Gym Bag and the GoRuck GR2 Bag. But, for the second straight year, I’m recommending the NoBull Canvas Backpack. The King Kong bag is great, but I think it’s easier to carry a bag that’s built as a backpack, like the NoBull bag. Plus, you look more like a normal human being carrying a backpack. Give the NoBull bag a shot so you can carry all your gym goodies and spare clothes with you.

A lot of the fitness shoes are very similar nowadays, so picking between the Reebok Nano, Nike Metcon, NoBull, New Balance Minimus, or other variation kinda comes down to your personal aesthetic preference. My pick this year is one I haven’t personally worn, because apparently Reebok has a thing against me and my big-footed brethren, as they refuse to make a size 15. BUT… I’ve heard great things from people picking up the Nano 8 Flexweave, so that’s my recommendation this year. Any one of the shoes I mentioned above are a dramatic improvement from the Saucony’s you’ve been wearing since you joined. Time for some new shoes!

Harbinger 5″ Foam Core Belt
I recommend this belt year after year because it’s simple, cheap, and it does the job. Anything bigger is overkill. Anything smaller isn’t effective. If you’ve got a little more money to spend, and want something a little more unique, then go with the 2Pood belt. They have many fun options. Get your own belt, learn to breathe INTO it, and watch your major lifts skyrocket. Let me repeat the second part of that sentence… learn to breathe INTO it. Done.

RPM Session 3.0 Jump Rope
I’ll repeat this until you’re sick of me saying it: if you’ve been at Derby City for over a year and you don’t own your own jump rope… What. Are. You. Even. Doing? Yes, we have jump ropes at Derby City, but they’re just here for those times when you forget yours at home. The steel handles of the RPM rope feel great in your hand during a sweaty workout, and their bushing mechanism means these things really whip. The plastic coated cables will last I-dont-even-know-how-long and come in various colors, including orange to match the gym. Hint hint. Or, if you’re looking for a little faster spin and have more money to burn, then check out the EVO Speed Rope from Rx Smart Gear.

MacroLife Macro Greens Superfood
Everyone tells you to eat more vegetables, but it’s hard. I get it. So, this recommendation isn’t replacing your need to eat more leafy greens, but a good greens-supplement can be helpful for those days when you don’t eat all the vegetables you should. There are a TON of options in this area, with various recommendations (here or here). You can’t go wrong with any of the options in those links, so I’m just suggesting you get one and take it daily. The MacroLife Greens I linked above are what I’m taking *currently*, but I switch these around every now and then. I plan to try Greens+ in the near future.

Jeans for Athletes
Normal jeans just don’t fit athletes very well. If there’s room for your butt, then the waist line is too big. Or, if there’s room for your quads, then it looks like you’re wearing drapes below your knees. Take a look at Fran Denim and Barbell Apparel for jeans that are designed with athletes in mind. They’re roomier where it counts, tight where you need it, but flexible so you can move. You’ve worked hard to build a better ass. Get some jeans that show it off.

Stance Socks
Tall socks are in, and Stance has some of coolest looking socks out there. I can’t begin to understand how socks became an important accessory in the CrossFit world, but they are. So, you can either get on board and get the most comfortable, highest-performing athletic sock out there, or you can stick with your old, white versions. I’m not telling you that getting better socks is going to add 50lbs to your back squat, but what have your white socks done for you lately besides get you mocked when you’re spotted in Kroger? “Oh, white socks and white shoes guy is out of bread at home? Real shocker there. Why don’t you check the shelves for your sense of dignity while you’re here?”

Fleo Shorts
I’m no expert in the female short game, but I hear great things about the Fleo brand. Supreme comfort and a bunch of fun designs to choose from. If you’re looking for crop pants, Lululemon is probably still the top dog, with Athleta offering a cheaper version, but also check out the pants from WOD Gear Athletic which are MUCH cheaper.

Compression Shorts
Dudes, this last one is specifically for you. You NEED to start wearing compression shorts under your shorts when you workout. You can get the shorts from Bird Dog that have the compression built in, that’s fine. But, working out in your boxer briefs or tighty whities isn’t cutting it. Your junk is spraying around, everyone sees it, and you need to get that shit under control.

How to Push Yourself (when you don’t actually care about beating anyone else in class)

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How to Push Yourself (when you don’t actually care about beating anyone else in class)
Written by: Coach Slater

We preach consistency at Derby City, because we know that the good number of us just need to be more consistent with our attendance and nutrition. That consistency will lead to great gains. But, let’s say you’re already consistent (or think you are!). How can you challenge yourself in our latest Strength & Conditioning cycle? How can you get the most out of the next the five weeks of training, or future cycles? How do you stay focused?

Set small goals for yourself. Small goals lead to small wins. Small wins add up over time and create a mountain of wins. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

Goal 1: “Level Up”
Go Life in every workout. Or go Splife. Or Sport. Or Splife in two workouts a week and Life in the rest. Whatever level you typically choose, challenge yourself to just a little bit more in the next cycle. Not too much, but just a little bit to add that additional level of difficulty that forces your body to adapt and grow.

Goal 2: “Attendance”
If you go 3x/week, set a goal of 4x/week. That’s 33% more volume to your normal workload. 33% more work will pay huge dividends. Would you accept 33% more pay at work?!? Of course you would! So, don’t look at adding ONE more day as just ONE more day. That one day is actually a huge pay raise to the bottom line that is your health & fitness.

Goal 3: “Focus on Strength”
When Retest Week rolls around, strive to beat the strength numbers from Test Week. Focus the majority of your effort during the cycle on moving better and lifting with as much speed and power as possible. Give everything you have during the Strength portion, and then just hang on thru the Conditioning piece for the day. Very straight forward.

Goal 4: “Focus on Conditioning”
Do the opposite of Goal 3 and focus on pushing yourself in the workouts each day so you can beat your scores/times on our conditioning tests. Don’t slack on the Strength work, as getting stronger makes your WODs easier, but push yourself toward the redline during the conditioning pieces. Ignore what your body thinks it can do and do more. Develop that mental toughness that’s often needed to break thru a conditioning plateau.

Goal 5: “Extreme Penalties”
If you know you can consistently row a 2:00/500m pace in most workouts, set an extreme penalty for yourself if you fall below that. Give yourself 20 burpees for every second slower that appears on the screen. If you see a 2:05/500m during the workout, that means you’re doing 100 burpees afterwards as punishment (5sec x 20 burpees = math). If you know should be able to complete 10 unbroken pullups in a WOD, then penalize yourself with one 400m run in the freezing cold for every rep under 10. Only get 7 reps? Boom, that’s 3 trips of the 400m path. It’s cold out.

How to Eat Healthy and Survive Thanksgiving

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How to Eat Healthy and Survive Thanksgiving
Written by: Coach Slater

Thanksgiving and food go hand in hand. This year, while being thankful for our families, friendships, and all of our other blessings, let’s also be thankful for a healthy body. Here are some tips on how you can enjoy Thanksgiving without feeling guilty at the end of the day.

Workout in the Morning
Start the day with exercise! Taking just 30min before your day gets too crazy can help you stay on track with your food, and give you a little more buffer for additional carbs that day. We’ve got classes at 9a, 10a, and 11a this Thanksgiving, so come in and start the day right!

Make It Yourself
If there’s something you *really* want to enjoy, but know your family’s way of making it isn’t the healthiest, then offer to bring it instead. That way, you know what’s in it, and you’ll take some stress off the host. For instance, spiced sweet potatoes with nutmeg and cinnamon rather than brown sugar. Prepare a few vegetable dishes, such as roasted Brussels sprouts, sautéed spinach and garlic, or an arugula salad. Use dried fruit for half the chocolate chips in cookies, or make some pumpkin or banana bread.

Game Plan the Menu
If you can’t make the items yourself, then map out the things that are completely off-limits, and the things that are safe. Set boundaries and stick to them. If you’re tempted to overeat because you won’t see these dishes for another year, then put a plate of food in the fridge to enjoy tomorrow. It will taste better when you’re able to savor each bite, rather than stuffing extra bites into an already full stomach.

Protein and Veggies
When all else fails, make sure the majority of your meals consist of lean protein and vegetables. Not only are these choices healthier, but they’re also filling, which will decrease the temptation to choose the less healthy options.

Pace Yourself
It’s easier to overeat when you eat quickly. Slow down your eating and you’ll be surprised how full you get on less food. Enjoy the conversations around the table and put the fork down in between bites.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No
Remember when your parents made you finish everything on your plate and eat grandma’s cranberry sauces even though you hated it? You’re an adult now. You can say no. Resist the peer pressure to overeat. Grandma will be just fine.

Drink Water
This will help curb your appetite and keep you well-hydrated to minimize jet/travel lag. Try to avoid soda and alcohol because those calories add up quickly… Pint of beer = 150 calories, glass of wine = 200 calories, martini = 250 calories, margarita = 300-800 calories (depending how you make it), spiked eggnog = 400 calories.

Don’t Stress Out
Stressing out over food actually makes your body react worse to it. If you had a bad meal, eat better in the next one and get back on track. Don’t let one bad decision make you spiral out of control.

Keep Moving
Make a point to get up and move around every hour or so, even if it only includes some walking and stretching. Offer to walk the family dog. Challenge your younger cousins to a “death by burpees” contest. Staying active will keep you feeling good and burn off some extra calories.

Go the F*ck to Sleep
Holiday parties and family functions often result in late-nights and early-mornings. Sleep loss can make it harder to control your blood sugar, and when you’re sleep deprived, you’ll tend to eat more, and prefer high-fat, high-sugar food along the way. Aim for 7+ hours per night to guard against mindless eating.

Working Out Hungover. Yay or Nay?

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Working Out Hungover. Yay or Nay?
Written by: Coach Slater

Workout hungover, they say. You’ll sweat out the toxins, they say.

Not so fast.

Working out to get rid of a hangover really isn’t a good idea. First, let’s look at what’s happening when you have a hangover. The modern research says that two chemicals called acetaldehyde and acetate are produced by your body when metabolizing alcohol, and these chemicals are toxic and pain-inducing. They’re the reason you feel drowsy, have concentration problems, dry mouth, dizziness, sweating, nausea, excitability, and anxiety.

The formation of acetaldehyde is complicated, but one thing important to know is that the process inhibits or diminishes two important enzymes: alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). Increasing these chemicals to their pre-drinking state appears to be the key to hangover recovery.

One thing NOT to take? Green tea. It’s often consumed as a lighter caffeine stimulant to ease our bodies back to normalcy, but green tea actually increases ADH levels and slows the removal of acetate.

Instead, Sprite and 7-Up are shown to increase ALDH activity, thanks to an common additive: taurine.

Gatorade or Pedialyte aren’t miracle cures, as they’re not any more effective than plain old water at rehydrating you, but your body does indeed need fluids; so, drink them if you wish. When drinking, an anti-diuretic hormone is suppressed, so your water balance is thrown out of whack by the frequent bathroom breaks. But, something with taurine is your best bet for reducing that low, dull pain you’re feeling.

Now, if you’re debating working out on a hangover, restrict your workout to a half-effort. You will inevitably get a slight endorphin rush from the workout, which will make you temporarily feel better. But, if you aren’t rehydrating before/during/after this workout, then you may be doing yourself a disservice by further dehydrating your already aching body. Use the workout to slightly raise your heart rate and get your muscles working to stimulate the release of those endorphins and even adrenaline. You’re not going to “sweat anything out” though. By morning, all of last night’s alcohol has already passed through your system.

Afterwards, get your body back on track by having a normal meal with protein, fats, and carbohydrates and a Sprite/7-Up. Then get some rest. You need it.

In Search of a Cure for the Dreaded Hangover, Scientific American
Role of Acetaldehyde in Mediating the Pharmacological and Behavioral Effects of Alcohol, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Derby City Nutrition: Continuing to Learn, Adapt, and Fuel

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Derby City Nutrition: Continuing to Learn, Adapt, and Fuel
Written by: Coach Evan

Since its inception, Derby City Nutrition has used a coaching program that is highly individualized and specific. Everyone has different eating and sleeping habits, stress levels, exercise regiments, and of course, goals. They key to success for yourself is finding a prescription that works for you and then being consistent with that prescription, not forcing yourself to fit a certain program. Similar to how the coaches at Derby City CrossFit have been continuing their education and seeking out areas to improve upon, Derby City Nutrition has been brainstorming how we can develop our effectiveness, communication, and ultimately, your success.

Of course as we grew, we learned. We learned that constant communication and monitoring changes in bio feedback measures (energy levels, sleep, aesthetic changes, and stress) are the best ways to show you real time objective progress. We also learned that your relationship with food plays a huge part in the “how” of the coaching process and both of these concepts together are paramount to your consistency.

The biggest and quickest change has been in how we communicate with clients. We have streamlined the process with the addition of Coach Alexa being in charge of reaching out to clients every week to help monitor those bio feedback measures. This allows us to make changes in the way we coach and what we prescribe. We strive to be as human as possible, understanding and empathizing with the lows and celebrating the highs, and then we discuss how to proceed. Most importantly clients are encouraged to get in touch with us whenever they have questions or concerns.

Though this idea has grown and reformed over time, we have been, and are still constantly, trying to strengthen the relationship with food. We see food as fuel, but it is also delicious, it is social, and it can be tied to emotions, moods, and coping mechanisms. We do not claim to be doctors, psychologists, or disordered eating specialists but we do recognize that nutrition is much more complicated than getting a set macro nutrient count and not just as simple as being put in a caloric deficit to lose body fat. It’s well understood that as the body changes so must the diet, but more importantly as our perspective and the external environment changes, so must our diet, and these notions are intertwined.

The world is full of hype regarding “30 minute abs” videos and debates on whether “Keto” is the best new diet. However, there is no quick fix, there is no magic pill, there is only you deciding that you want to make a change and allowing it to become your new lifestyle. Let it encapsulate you. Let people ask why you’re doing it because eventually they’ll be asking you how you did it. Let us help you get started and guide you through your nutrition journey to a happier, fitter, healthier you.

We have openings! If you’re interested in starting, contact [email protected] or get in touch with Coach Evan.

Stay In Your Lane

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Stay In Your Lane
Written by: Coach Slater

I don’t know that this needs to be said, so I’m throwing it out there just in case. Like many men of my age and demographic, I’m not totally enlightened, but I also like to think that I’m not behind the times. Many women have said this better than me, but many dudes don’t hear the message.

Incidents of sexual discrimination and harassment are everywhere. They are not isolated cases, not rare, and happen at all levels. Just look at the Facebook post we put out here. Men love to interject into the lives of women.

Hopefully, the #MeToo era is opening the minds of many men; but, if there are men at this gym who haven’t caught on to the fact, they need to learn to “stay in their own lane”.

Let me put this out there:

Ladies, if someone at this gym, whether a Coach or member, ever makes you or a friend feel uncomfortable thru inappropriate or excessive messaging, or oversteps the normal social boundaries, please know you can tell me privately and I will take action. Derby City is a haven where you can train to better yourself, make great friends, and help others exceed their own expectations. If someone were to ruin that experience for you via inappropriate behavior, then know that it will not stand.

If you don’t feel comfortable telling me, then feel free to hand write a note and leave it at the desk for me to read. I will take action where needed.

Again, I have no reason to think that anything’s happened and hopefully this doesn’t need to be said, but in today’s age, I want to make sure you know that the door is always open.