Consistency Trumps All

Consistency Trumps All
Written by: Coach Slater

You’ve heard us preach that consistency trumps all. Maybe you’re sick of it. But, we came across a great example that we hope will help you understand it’s importance. Let’s look at two types of people:

“Taylor” decides they’re going to commit to the gym after a whole year of intermittent attendance. So they dive in on Monday, go hard in class for an hour, go to work, and then go out for a 5-mile run later that night. They post a video to their Instagram with #savage underneath, go home and forget to eat dinner, and stay up until 2am watching TV.

Congrats Taylor, you lost two followers and are headed down the road to Burnout Town. What’s the likelihood that Taylor will be back in the gym the next day? Or what if they do and get injured because they’re not taking any time to recover? Their effort is great, but their lack of consistency will make their road tough and unpredictable, likely leading to a plateau or worse, injury.

“Ezekial” takes a different approach. Ezekial is in the gym 4-5 times a week, always makes sure that they’re getting eight hours of sleep, eating nutritious food, and drinking enough water to be fully recovered. All of that is great because Ezekial can come to our classes more, hang out with us, and chip away at their fitness goals every day.

Here’s an example of the overall accumulation of work for Ezekial vs Taylor. Because of Ezekial’s sustainable, consistent approach, they’re able to get to the gym 16-20 times per month. While Taylor, if they’re lucky, will feel “good enough” to get to the gym 8-12 times per month. Over the course of 6 months, that’s approximately 48 more total workouts, which potentially a total of 100,000 more pounds lifted, giving their body 100,001 more reasons to adapt and transform.

Moral of the story — don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you stay consistent, the amount of work will build up and produce results.

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