CrossFit Games Drinking Game!

The CrossFit Games kickoff this week in Carson, CA. They’re streaming live on and are even getting some coverage on ESPN and ESPN2 at select times. Watching them is great, but isn’t everything made better when drinking is somehow involved? Glad you agree.

So, to help your Games watching experience, we’ve created the official Derby City CrossFit | CrossFit Games Drinking Game Rules. (You may remember our Central East Drinking Game from last year which was a huge success.)

Drink every time the following happens:
1. DCCF posts a pic on Instagram from the IHOP near the arena.
2. You see a spectator wearing kinesiology tape, because watching people workout is so fucking difficult.
3. In between events, Castro calls some girl down to the competition floor to have her twerk for the crowd, because not enough people already thought he was a dirtbag and she needs more Instagram followers.
4. Math equation: count the number of spectators who are wearing either A) nothing/shirtless or B) only sports bras, and divide this number by 10,000, then consume that many drinks.
5. Any time our friends at CrossFit Maximus get mentioned on the air (which is probably none, because they were virtually ignored at the Central Regional even though they finished in third place! WTF.)
6. The DJ plays anything with any of these phrases: “1738”, “flicka da wrist”, “mustard on the beat, hoe”, or “watch me whip”!
7. You see a bro in the crowd wearing a headband, because again, watching people workout works up a mean sweat.
8. Someone snatches 300+ or cleans 400+ pounds.
9. Someone takes off their shirt mid-WOD (i.e., “Cooks it”).
10. Every time you see a competitor with a religious tattoo or a CrossFit tattoo.
11. You see a female competitor wearing white booty shorts.
12. You see a male competitor wearing compression shorts only… no shorts over-top. Graham/DJ style.
13. The announcers make some comment about the Nano being the best CrossFit shoe, throwing shade at the new Nike Metcons, all while sporting their free Reebok gear.
14. Someone goes down on one knee in the Snatch Speed Ladder.
15. In any post-event interview, an athlete thanks God for winning his/her heat or somehow blessing their performance.
16. You see a spectator dressed as a WWE character, mostly likely Hulk Hogan.
17. Any time Julie Foucher’s injury is discussed.

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