Derby City Ambassadors – 2019

Derby City CrossFit is an amazing community of people accomplishing extraordinary achievements every day. Our “Derby City Ambassador Program” further amplifies the positive culture of DCCF. Each year, we select from a pool of applicants to serve as liaisons on behalf of all athletes. They will embody everything we strive for at Derby City and be available to help welcome new individuals into the gym, organize community events, give feedback on classes, programs, offerings, and apparel and help us make an impact into the lives of everyone who steps into our gym.

2018’s Ambassadors are sticking around thru October of 2019 for the 2nd CrossFit Open of the year, at which time, we’ll elect new Ambassadors to lead us for a year until 2020’s Open.

If you have a question about anything related to Derby City, feel free to ask a Coach or an Ambassador. Look for them wearing one of their “Ambassador” t-shirts in class! Your 2018-2019 Ambassadors are Chris Herrick, Gabbi Greenwald, Carl Duvall, David Jenkins, Leah Walts, John Tremayne, Mariah Richards, Kasey Glasgow, Robbie Blair, Celia Cusick, Kevin McAdams, and Kristy Rizzo.

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