Derby City CrossFit Christmas List

It’s Christmas time and we both know that your family and non-DCCF friends aren’t going to buy you the right gifts. They’re going to give you some lame gift card to Olive Garden and you’re gonna have to act happy, when you really wanted a gift card to your local butcher because #gainz or Lululemon because their yoga pants are the most comfortable things ever. So, here’s a list of Christmas gifts to buy for yourself, assuming your cool Aunt Tina gives you cash because she knows better.

1. GoRuck Gym Bag
You need a cool, functional gym bag to keep all of the new equipment you’re about to buy, and this GoRuck bag is the Cadillac of backpacks. It unfolds easily so you can grab anything you need at any time. You never have to worry about “reaching to the bottom of the bag” ever again. Plus, the construction on these bags blows away any standard gym bag you find at Dick’s Sporting Goods or wherever else. The GoRuck bag will be here after the nuclear meltdown. It’s really well put together, from the stitching down to the zippers.

2. Nike Metcons
Time to upgrade your shoe game, homie. Reebok was the king of CrossFit apparel for awhile, but Nike has entered the arena and seems to have quickly taken over the top-spot. Both brands sport a long-list of sponsored athletes, but you’re going to get a Nike recommendation from this guy because their Metcons come in size 15. Reebok seems to think that no male CrossFitter ever grows past 5’9″ so why bother making a shoe over size 13. Come on, Reebok.

3. RPM Speed Rope
Yes, we have jump ropes at Derby City, but they’re really just here for those who forgot to bring their own. Having your own rope means not having to find one long/short enough for you in the maze of ropes we have on the wall. But, getting the right rope is important… Don’t just buy any rope. I think the steel handles of the RPM rope feel great in your hand during a sweaty workout, and their bushing mechanism means these things really whip. You may have to buy a replacement cable every 6 months because their steel cables will fray, but their cables come in various colors, including orange to match the gym.

4. Harbinger 5″ Foam Core Lifting Belt
How do you not own your own belt yet? At $20, you can’t afford NOT to buy one. Seriously, buy one yesterday and have a coach teach you how to properly breath INTO it so you stop chest-breathing before heavy squats.

5. VooDoo Floss Bands
These are an essential performance tool and should be a staple in the gym bag of any CrossFitter looking to improve range-of-motion or restore joint mechanics. Voodoo flossing (compression tack and flossing) works on many levels; including reintroducing blood flow to stiff tissues, and by compressing swelling out of tissues and joints. Buy your own and stop borrowing mine.

6. Lacrosse Ball and Foam Roller
Since I mentioned VooDoo floss, I might as well tell you to pick up your own lacrosse ball and foam roller to keep at home. If you’re feeling especially beat up, use them to help mobilize your stiff tissue.

7. ROMWOD (Range of Motion Workout of the Day)
If you want to take your at-home mobilization one step further, then upgrade to a monthly subscription to ROMWOD. It’s kinda like Yoga for CrossFitters. There are mixed reviews on the effectiveness of stretching, but it’s universally agreed that methods like yoga/ROMWOD help with down-regulation which improves recovery. And surely you have 20min before you go to bed where you can perform a ROMWOD. Stop staring at your TV and get on the floor with your yoga mat to help your body prepare for sleep.

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