Derby City CrossFit Christmas Wish List – 2020

Derby City CrossFit Christmas Wish List – 2020
Written by: Coach Slater

We love our families, but it’s highly unlikely they’re going to know what the hell you’re talking about when you ask for “grips” for Christmas. And if you tell them about Vuori pants? No chance they’re getting that right.

So here are some direct links you can send to them to make sure you get all the cool stuff you want this Christmas.

Garage Heater
A lot of us are working out in our garages or backyards these days. As the temperatures drop, you may find the urge to work out drops along with it. So, stay warm by grabbing yourself a commercial heater for cheap. Check out the Kerosene Forced Air Heater or Ceiling-Mounted Garage Heater. Depending on what kind of heater you decide to utilize for your garage gym, there are certain precautions that you need to research and take seriously. Especially if you’re going the commercial heater route, please hire an electrician to install it properly.

Gym Bag
The Lululemon Go Getter Bag and the Nike Utility Speed Bag top the recommendations this year. Get yourself a gym bag for all the cool gear you’re about to haul back and forth.

Working out in running shoes just isn’t doing you any favors with your fitness. We’d love to see you in a pair of shoes that provides a more stable base and doesn’t have an excessively padded heel. We want to feel the floor, to feel grounded, as we’re moving weights quickly. Padded soles blunt the feedback our feet give to the rest of our body. So, snag yourself some Reebok Nanos or Nike Metcons.

Hand rips are annoying. They can ruin the rest of your training week, so it hurts to grab a barbell or pullup bar. And they can sting like hell in the shower while that new skin is growing back. Snag the Bear Komplex Carbon Fiber Grips in the 3-hole version, but make sure to size “UP”. Or, if you want more color options, then check out the options from Victory Grips.

Jump Rope
Besides grips, having your own Jump Rope is a must-have accessory for fitness-ing. The RPM Comp Training Ropes or the Rx Jump Rope Original are great options. If going with Rx, just make sure to choose the 1.8 or 1.3 cable weight.

Lounging Around
You can’t go wrong with any of the activewear options from Lululemon, Reebok, Nike, Savage Barbell, Rhone, or Athleta. But, you might want to check out Vuori Clothing this year. They’re relatively new on the scene, but getting great reviews from CrossFitters.

Jeans for Athletes
Normal jeans just don’t fit athletes very well. If there’s room for your butt, then the waist line is too big. Or, if there’s room for your quads, then it looks like you’re wearing drapes below your knees. Take a look at Fran Denim and Barbell Apparel for jeans that are designed with athletes in mind. They’re roomier where it counts, tight where you need it, but flexible so you can move. You’ve worked hard to build a better ass. Get some jeans that show it off.

Compression Shorts
Dudes, this last one is specifically for you and I’ve written about this before. You NEED to start wearing compression shorts under your shorts when you workout. You can get the shorts from Bird Dog that have the compression built in, that’s fine. But, working out in your boxer briefs or tighty whities isn’t cutting it. Your junk is spraying around, everyone sees it, and you need to get that shit under control. The Nike Pro Compression Shorts are reasonably priced at $25/each and they’re super-comfy.

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