Derby City CrossFit Christmas Wish List – 2021

Derby City CrossFit Christmas Wish List – 2021
Written by: Coach Slater

Another year, another post about the stuff you might need to buy for yourself after Christmas because your family got you some squishy running shoes, instead of some solid CrossFit shoes. Yes, we love them… no, we shouldn’t expect them to understand the depth of gear in the CrossFit world.

That’s what we’re here for!

So here are some direct links you use to snag something for yourself when the post-Christmas sales kick in:

Shoes are usually the FIRST thing we tell folks to invest after a couple months at Derby City. We’d love to see you in a pair of shoes that provides a more stable base and doesn’t have an excessively padded heel. We want to feel the floor, to feel grounded, as we’re moving weights quickly. Padded soles blunt the feedback our feet give to the rest of our body. So, snag yourself some Reebok Nanos or Nike Metcons.

It’s starting to get super-cold out, and at the beginning of class, we want you to get as warm as possible as quickly as possible so we can put in some work. Some nicer joggers or sweatpants can do the trick, and Vuori might be the new big-dog in the CF marketplace when it comes to comfortable, athletic-wear. You might also check out Sharpen the Axe for their Yoggers or Joggers.

You’ve gotta protect those hands and prevent rips so it doesn’t make you miss any training days. Grips are another “must have” in your gym bag… but make sure you SIZE UP! We like the 3-Hole or No-Hole Carbon Fiber Grips from Bear Komplex. If you want a pair of grips that maybe not everyone else has (so yours don’t get confused with anyone else’s), then I’ve recently tried out the Bumblebee Grips from Reyllen, and I’m a fan!

Jump Rope
Here’s another super-basic one… but, if you’ve been at Derby City for longer than a year, you NEED TO HAVE YOUR OWN JUMP ROPE. Seriously, getting a rope that’s sized to you and that’s always available is a stress-reliever and will, eventually, make your Double Unders easier in WODs. If you’ve gotten used to the ones we have available, then pick up a unique design for yourself at RPM Training. Or snag one of the speed rope options from Rogue Fitness.

Ok, we’ve covered the basics, now what are some fun things you can snag for yourself?

Weightlifting Technique Book
Simply one of the best weightlifting technique books you can own. Greg Everett at Catalyst is one of my all-time go-to’s for technique instruction for every level of athlete.

One of the best ways to begin improving your technique is to watch vidoes of yourself. Doing so makes it easier to connect what we, your Coaches, are telling you with what you’re feeling and what you *think* you’re doing. But, putting your phone on the floor or stacking plates is kinda awkward. These mounts are magnetic so they stick to the rig, making it much easier to record yourself.

Totally unnecessary, but it can be kinda fun to have your own set of super-grippy clips for your barbell. Then, you can be 100% sure your weights aren’t moving any-damn-where during your WOD.

Nutrition Coaching
You don’t need a Nutrition Coach for a massively extended period of time… just 3-months can be enough for you to develop better habits and a better relationship with food. It might be something to consider for 2022. So, shoot us an email and we’ll get you connected with one of our Nutrition Coaches.

What about the self-massage tools and the other uber-expensive CrossFit toys? Ehhh… I don’t think you really need those things if you’re just a regular 4x/Week-er. If you want to feel better, I’d first suggest looking at your sleep, nutrition, and stress management.

And if you missed last year’s recommendations – click here to see what else you might want for yourself!

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