Derby City CrossFit Post-Christmas List – 2019

Derby City CrossFit Post-Christmas List – 2019
Written by: Coach Slater

Raise your hand if you also love Christmas shopping for yourself AFTER Christmas, so you can snag all the sweet deals. Your aunt and uncle are fantastic, but there’s 0% chance they know which weightlifting belt you want or whether the new Reebok Nano is better than whatever Nike is dropping later in January. It’s on you to pickup what you really want; and, here’s a list to tell you what you really want for post-Christmas shopping.

NoBull Canvas Backpack
In past years, I’ve recommended the King Kong Gym Bag and the GoRuck GR2 Bag. But, for the third straight year, I’m recommending the NoBull Canvas Backpack. The King Kong bag is great, but I think it’s easier to carry a bag that’s built as a backpack, like the NoBull bag. Plus, you look more like a normal human being carrying a backpack. Give the NoBull bag a shot so you can carry all your gym goodies and spare clothes with you.

Lululemon Go Getter Bag
If rugged backpacks aren’t your thing, then I’d recommend the Lululemon Go Getter Bag. I came upon this recommendation via Ashley Weis, and I snagged it for my lovely wife Courtney for Christmas. Fashionable enough for the office, and large enough to carry all of your gym crap. The material its made of can be easily wiped clean so you’re not walking around with the stench of a normal gym bag.

A lot of the fitness shoes are very similar nowadays, so picking between the Reebok Nano, Nike Metcon, NoBull, New Balance Minimus, or other variation kinda comes down to your personal aesthetic preference. This year, I’m picking the new Under Armour Tribase Reign 2.0, mostly because it comes in a glorious orange/red. There are other, less-obvious colors to choose from, if being seen from miles away isn’t your thing. Any one of the shoes I mentioned above are a dramatic improvement from the Saucony’s you’ve been wearing since you joined. Time for some new shoes!

Harbinger 5″ Foam Core Belt
I recommend this belt year after year because it’s simple, cheap, and it does the job. Anything bigger is overkill. Anything smaller isn’t effective. If you’ve got a little more money to spend, and want something a little more unique, then go with the 2Pood belt. They have many fun options. Get your own belt, learn to breathe INTO it, and watch your major lifts skyrocket. Let me repeat the second part of that sentence… learn to breathe INTO it. Done.

RPM Session 4.0 Jump Rope
I’ll repeat this until you’re sick of me saying it: if you’ve been at Derby City for over a year and you don’t own your own jump rope… What. Are. You. Even. Doing? Yes, we have jump ropes at Derby City, but they’re just here for those times when you forget yours at home. The steel handles of the RPM rope feel great in your hand during a sweaty workout, and their bushing mechanism means these things really whip. The plastic coated cables will last I-dont-even-know-how-long and come in various colors, including orange to match the gym. Or, if you’re looking for a little faster spin and have more money to burn, then check out the EVO Speed Rope from Rx Smart Gear.

MacroLife Macro Greens Superfood
Everyone tells you to eat more vegetables, but it’s hard. I get it. So, this recommendation isn’t replacing your need to eat more leafy greens, but a good greens-supplement can be helpful for those days when you don’t eat all the vegetables you should. There are a TON of options in this area, with various recommendations (here or here). You can’t go wrong with any of the options in those links, so I’m just suggesting you get one and take it daily. The MacroLife Greens I linked above are what I’m taking *currently*, but I switch these around every now and then. I plan to try Greens+ in the near future.

Jeans for Athletes
Normal jeans just don’t fit athletes very well. If there’s room for your butt, then the waist line is too big. Or, if there’s room for your quads, then it looks like you’re wearing drapes below your knees. Take a look at Fran Denim and Barbell Apparel for jeans that are designed with athletes in mind. They’re roomier where it counts, tight where you need it, but flexible so you can move. You’ve worked hard to build a better ass. Get some jeans that show it off.

Stance Socks
Medium-tall socks are still in, and Stance has some of coolest looking socks out there. I can’t begin to understand how socks became an important accessory in the CrossFit world, but they are. So, you can either get on board and get the most comfortable, highest-performing athletic sock out there, or you can stick with your old, white versions. I’m not telling you that getting better socks is going to add 50lbs to your back squat, but what have your white socks done for you lately besides get you mocked when you’re spotted in Kroger? “Oh, white socks and white shoes guy is out of bread at home? Real shocker there. Why don’t you check the shelves for your sense of dignity while you’re here?”

Fleo Shorts
I’m no expert in the female short game, but I hear great things about the Fleo brand. Supreme comfort and a bunch of fun designs to choose from. If you’re looking for crop pants, Lululemon is probably still the top dog, with Athleta offering a cheaper version, but also check out the offerings from Savage.

Compression Shorts
Dudes, this last one is specifically for you and I’ve written about this before. You NEED to start wearing compression shorts under your shorts when you workout. You can get the shorts from Bird Dog that have the compression built in, that’s fine. But, working out in your boxer briefs or tighty whities isn’t cutting it. Your junk is spraying around, everyone sees it, and you need to get that shit under control.

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