Derby City CrossFit Pro Tips, Part 2

Derby City CrossFit Pro Tips, Part 2
Written by: Coach James

In Pro Tips, Part 1, we talked a little about some tricks that will make your life a little easier here at Derby City. This week, we’ll continue with the Pro Tips to help make your experience even better.

Research New Movements / Ask Questions

Throughout our 8-week cycles, you may come across a new movement or accessory piece that you are not sure about, especially for those that are new to CrossFit. We announce the workouts the night before at 8pm. Take this time to look over the strength and the workout and prepare any questions you may have for the Coach. Remember there are no stupid questions. We want you to feel comfortable here and with the movements, so please ask as many questions as you like. Another way you can prepare for the class is to YouTube the movements that you are unsure about. This may help you understand what we are asking and how the movement looks. You may still have questions after you search it, but you will have a general understanding of how the movements looks.

Set Up Close to You

We all have done at least one workout where we needed multiple pieces of equipment (especially if you have taken an Unloaded class). When it comes to these types of workouts, it is best to set up in the smallest area possible. Doing so will cut down on your transition times and help with the flow of the workout. I suggest that you set up your equipment in a circle. This way it will help you remember the order of the workout without having to second guess yourself. I would also recommend you find your spot on the rig first and then set up around that spot. That’ll keep you from running across the gym to find your pull up bar and then back across to get to your box.

Practice Failing Properly

No one likes to fail, but it is good to know how to fail properly. If you are new to CrossFit and have never back squatted or done any type of Olympic lift, this can be a scary thing and prevent from going heavy. I highly recommend that you make yourself fail at a lighter weight to understand how to fail properly and get it out of the way and out of your head. If you are unsure on how to fail properly during a movement, ask your coach! Again, there are no stupid questions and we want you to feel comfortable no matter what. We want you to feel confident in yourself and go for those big P.R.s during test week or even heavy during the strength portion of the cycle.

Angle Your Box for Step Ups

We all want to go fast during the WOD and box step ups can be a pain and feel like they take forever! A little tip to help speed up this movement (and save your hip flexors at the same time) is to step up on the corner of the box. Rotate the box so that the corner of the box is facing you directly. This will allow you to step straight up and onto the box without having to swing your hips up and around as you do when doing a normal step up.

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