Four Simple Squat Tips

We test our 1-rep-max Squat tomorrow, and we’re excited to see some big numbers put up. Remember these 4 tips so you hit that new PR!

1. It’s easier to have a tight setup if you keep your hands closer together on the bar, making sure to keep your elbows inside your hands.

2. Once you’ve walked the bar out and set your feet (no more than 3 steps!), squeeze your glutes and take a huge breath of air into your lower back, all while squeezing the bar hard in your hands.

3. Try to squeeze your elbows together behind your back to improve your upper back tightness. Once you squeeze them toward the middle of your body, force them forward under the bar.

4. Out of the hole, at the bottom of your squat, keep your chest up by driving your head and shoulders back into the bar while driving your elbows forward.