Friday 1/17/20

Strength Cycle: Phase 2 – Week 2 of 7

4 L: Front Squat; Spl/S: Back Squat @ 80%
*Heavier than Monday with one less rep. Continue to focus on quality technique, no bouncing, and bracing effectively between reps.

3 Rounds
15 Situps
12 Burpees (Spl/S: Lateral Over Bar)
9 Hang Power Clean – L: 95/65; S: 135/95; S: 155/110
Rest 90sec
*It’s going to be a struggle to finish two rounds each AMRAP, but that’s a lofty goal to shoot for today. The barbell is heavy but should ideally be finished in one set. Try a weight that’s heavier than what you *usually do*.

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